Outlaw Open Event History

Outlaw Open Event History

The Outlaw Open was started in the spring of 1998, when the Cyrus family became aware that Coach Bob Macauley had been paying for the costs of post season play out of his own pocket and offered the Aspen Lakes Golf Course for a fund-raising tournament.  The Cyrus family donated the golf course and carts.

The first year, Coach Macauley publicized the tournament date and bought BBQ supplies to feed all the participants.  As luck would have it, the weather was pretty nasty and featured, snow, hail, and rain.  A few of the coach’s close friends and family actually played golf, while then Principle Dennis Dempsy and Dan Fouts paid an extra $10 not to play.  That year, the tournament actually lost money.

The second year did better.  Local businessman, Bill Reed stepped in to help promote the tournament and was able to get more people out for the tournament, but there were no sponsors and the tournament rate was the same as a standard round of golf, and the food consisted of hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings.  This year, the weather was nice and the tournament generated a couple thousand dollars.

The third year, a few of the Aspen Lakes homeowners volunteered to help with the tournament and it was completely reorganized.  It was decided to take the tournament to the next level and make it the best event of the summer.  The food was upgraded to steak and salmon with white linens and plates, live music.  This tournament also solicited numerous auction items and sponsors.  The upscale event was able to charge more than the standard rack rate for golf and generated nearly $20,000.  Of this money, roughly $15,000 was used for the football program, including buying gear for the younger grades who had previously not been able to play in pads.  The remaining funds were used to support other sports programs based on need.

The Outlaw Open has grown over the years to be a significant spring event with strong community support and has generated over $250,000 for various sports and after school programs.  It has been a major funding source for the football program as well as provided funding for such programs as Jazz band, Choir, Americana, Sparrow Club, Cheerleading, Track, Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Basketball, Equestrian as well as assisting with the purchase of the school’s telescope.